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Erin Calhoun, Contributor

College Support

College Support

School has started.  Leaves are in the process of changing colors.  The weather is turning brisk.  These are signs that fall is in the air.  For high schoolers, this season brings with it the excitement and perhaps intimidation of applying for colleges and universities.  These deadlines are approaching quickly, but for struggling students or students with disabilities, there are still questions that need to be answered.

To Type or Not to Type...

To Type or Not to Type…

To type or not to type….. that is a question many students are facing when thinking about taking notes during this new school year.  A new school year is a fresh start in studying habits, being organized, and a renewed commitment to the learning process.  However, with the technology age in full throttle, we may need to rethink the way our students are taking notes, so that the actual studying and learning becomes more productive. 

Back to School Tips

Back to School Tips

Getting the school year off to a great start, not only sets the standard and pace for the year, but also establishes good routines that are benefitted from for the entire year.  A good start to the year can have a positive effect our student’s confidence, attitude, and performance both socially and academically all year through.  The degree of adjustment depends on each child and family independently, but with a little forethought and planning, we can help the year be off to a great start.

Summer Slide

Summer Slide

Do you remember the exhilaration of simply sliding down a slide?  Do you remember the joy of exploring a new playground with an unconquered slide waiting for you to try out?  Slides seem to be a staple item on playgrounds, parks, or even back yard play structures.  But not all slides are beneficial to our children.  Summer is in full swing, but an all too common slide is lurking waiting to hurt our children more than we can afford. 

Running and the Brain

The encouragement to keep physically active is everywhere.  Strengthening our heart and lungs, are essential to helping other organs and our bodies in general work better.  All exercise generates more energy for the brain.  With the dawning of new and promising research, it is being seen that there is a strong link between running and a younger, more active brain.  Doctors are now discovering that not only are we smart to run, but we can actually become smarter if we do! The act of running not only strengthens our heart and lungs but also is building our brains to function better.  Vigorous cardiovascular exercise such as running pumps oxygen and glucose-rich blood to your brain.  As we age our brain read more[…]

Summer Reading Tips

Are you not sure what to do to keep your student’s academic skills sharp over the summer?  One of the biggest skills to keep sharp during the warm days of summer is reading!  Libraries all over the country are promoting and keeping students engaged in reading with incentives that the kids love.  There are many cooperate companies that are getting on board as well. 

Therapist Tips: Ideas for Incorporating Poetry into Therapy Sessions

Are you or your students poets, and do they know it? The month of April is National Poetry Month. The Academy of American Poets set this month aside in 1996 to highlight, encourage, and focus on reading and writing poetry. What better time to attempt new ways to integrate poetry into your therapy session? The following are some ideas that will help your student who struggles with the ability to rhyme as well as encourage a love for poetry. 

Let the Music Play!

There was a song in the ‘90s where Janet Jackson requested the DJ to “Give me a beat….”  Not surprising, a very catchy beat was then played along with the rest of the song.  I would hear this song, sing, and tap the steering wheel as I drove.  Little did I know or realize that the simple act of clapping, drumming, or moving to a beat was actually improving my language skills! The BBC News recently published that rhythm is an integral part of language and language skills.  Some of the discoveries through different tests and studies show that different methods of interacting with music or rhythm enhance different aspects of language skills.  One discovery was that practicing music strengthens reading.  read more[…]

Annual Testing Tips

Spring breaks are coming to a close around the country.  Students are heading back with fervor as the taste of a break still lingers on their hearts and minds.  However, for most educational therapy students, this time of year also marks the beginning or continuing of annual testing.  Below are some tips to help make the process of annual testing organized, successful, and fun for both your students and yourself.