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Kristin Barbour, Executive Director

Summer Activities for Hampton Roads Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Science continues to link early skill development in executive functioning and fine motor skills to later math and reading success.  An Education Week online article from May 17, 2013 summarizes the University of Virginia’s research findings which indicate that executive function, fine-motor skills, and general knowledge in kindergarten are better predictors of 8th grade reading and math achievement than early-literacy skills. Cutting and building with construction paper, building with blocks and modeling clay, as well as copying designs and shapes onto various materials are excellent activities.  Children engaging in these tasks are practicing the mental coordination of an action in conjunction with fine motor skills such as building construction paper chains.  As part of a $1 million pilot projected supported by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, University of read more[…]

Handwriting Skills

Lock in your child’s handwriting gains over the summer!  Support the development of fine motor skills in their hands and fingers by downloading these fun and simple home activity ideas.  Remember handwriting develops reading, writing, language and critical thinking. Fine Motor Activities

Why Is It Important That Hampton Roads Readers Don’t Skip A Night Of Reading?

Does your child read 20 minutes a day, 5 minutes a day or one minute a day?  Do you know how many minutes that equates to in a school year?  What kind of impact does reading just 20 minutes a day have on your child’s vocabulary and success in school?  Click the link below to find out about the power of 20 minutes of reading a day! Why I Can’t Skip Reading (2) – Pattie Perry, PCET Summer is just around the corner.  Find reading resource guides for you and your child on our website.  Click here  

Book Awards

Parents and Teachers – Are you looking for resources to find good reading selections for students?  Here are some helpful websites to find reader’s choice awards and series books. Young Reader’s Choice Awards Newberry and Caldecott Award Winners Book Series  

How Children Succeed – Paul Tough

What do “grit, curiosity, and the hidden power of character” reveal?  In Paul Tough’s new book, How Children Succeed, GPAs and CPAs (character point average) are jointly examined.  Learning how to fail, parenting interventions and how to succeed are other topics for exploration.  For any educator or parent wanting to better understand how to raise and educate children to become successful adults this is a must read.

Stress, School, and Students

Eric Jensen’s recent BrighterBrain®Bulletin shares research about impact of stress.  Here are a few insights related to stress, school and students:  Stress is good for you. Stress should go up and down and some stress every day is healthy; it builds resilience. What is evil for your body is DISTRESS, which is a chronic stress overload from continuous, over the top, stress. School stress levels may be getting worse. Let’s start with kids. Over 20% of adolescents nationwide (ages 11-17) have some type of a stress disorder (depression, reactive attachment disorder, learned helplessness, bipolar, etc.) Top 3 kids stressors are 1) school academic pressures 2) family pressure and 3) bullying (kidshealth.org). Among kids from poverty, 60-95% have chronic stress. Chronic stress hurts student achievement. It read more[…]

Information Follow-Up

Attention Parents of Portsmouth Christian Students A special thank you to the over 65 families who joined Discovery Program at the open house “Getting Smarter….The Brain’s Capacity For Change.” If you are interested in having your child participate in Rx for Discovery Reading, Rx for Discovery Math, or Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment program please complete and submit your applications and agreement forms to the school office by January 18th. Please call the office 597-7700 if you have any questions.  We look forward to working together with you and your child.

Parents of K-8th Graders at Portsmouth Christian School

Discovery Program invites you to an open house:  “Getting Smarter….The Brain’s Capacity for Change” Are you interested in learning about programs that exercise the brain’s capacity?  Do you want your child to further develop thinking, reasoning, remembering, and a love for learning?  If you have a child who is struggling with school or a child who would love the opportunity to go beyond his current gifted abilities  in academic achievement, then come to an informational meeting on January  10th at 6:30 pm at Portsmouth Christian School.  Discovery Program, Inc. will present ideas, suggestions and optional programs that will be available to you at Portsmouth Christian this coming semester.  Please check with Mrs. Stafford or Mrs. Collins if you have any read more[…]